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Take part in the 2022 Alternative Four Days Marches!

Will you participate in The Alternative Four Days Marches? Over the past two years, this has been the successful (and corona-proof) alternative to the Four Days Marches in Nijmegen with more than 20,000 participants. KWbN now also offers you the opportunity to walk your own Four Days Marches. From 19 - 22 July you will walk self-chosen route from 5 to 50 kilometers a day with the and earn that medal.

Gladiolen Alternatieve Vierdaagse

Important information (17-7-2022)

On Sunday 17 July, the De 4DAAGSE Foundation announced that in connection with the expected heat The first walking day of the 4Daagse Nijmegen on Tuesday 19 July will be cancelled. In connection with the announced heat plan on Tuesday, we advise participants in De Alternative Four Days to also heed the warnings. That is why we are extending The Alternative Four Days Marches by one day. So you can participate from Wednesday 20 July to Saturday 23 July. But participation of three days is also considered a full participation in The Alternative Four Days Marches this year and will result in a medal. Safety and health comes first.

If you nevertheless decide to run on Tuesday 19 July, stick to the warnings in the heat plan. Only do this if you have registered a short distance and walk very early in the morning. Take care of yourself, drink enough and protect yourself from the sun.

We wish you a pleasant, successful and safe Alternative Four Days Marches!


The Alternative Four Days Marches will be held from 19 to 22 July. This alternative event lets you walk a preselected distance from a location of your choosing for 4 days in a row, tracking your walks with the You can start from your own home, or a different location in the Netherlands, or even a location abroad (except for the four days marches route in Nijmegen!).

You can choose between 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 kilometres a day. Because of the global size of this events, we are unable to organise rest areas and medical facilities, so we advise you to choose a distance that matches your physical fitness. All the kilometres you walk during the period from 19 to 22 July 2022 will be tracked and registered in the Included in the participation is the unique Alternative Four Days Marches medal. 

Participation in The Alternative Four Days Marches costs €11,95 (excl. €8,95 shipping fee). You will receive exclusive access to the event in the app and you will receive the official Alternative Four Days Marches medal! KWbN members receive a €1,00 discount.

Unfortunately you cannot sign up for this event anymore.


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Rules and regulations

When participating in The Alternative Four Days Marches 2022, participants are expected to adhere to the participant regulations.

Rules and regulations