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Take part in the 2021 Alternative Four Days Marches!

Thousands of walkers have started! Registrations are officially closed. Good luck to all participants and above all have fun!

Gladiolen Alternatieve Vierdaagse


The Alternative Four Days Marches will be held from 20 to 23 July. This alternative event lets you walk a preselected distance from a location of your choosing for 4 days in a row, tracking your walks with the ‘De Alternatieve Vierdaagse’ app. To avoid crowds, the official route will not be used. So you can start from your own home, or a different location in the Netherlands, or even a location abroad.

You can choose between 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 kilometres a day. Because of the COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to organise rest areas and medical facilities, so we advise you to choose a distance that matches your physical fitness. All the kilometres you walk during the period from 20 to 23 July 2021 will be tracked and registered in the ‘De Alternatieve Vierdaagse’ app. You can purchase a unique medal for both the short and long distances. Please indicate this when registering (note that once you have chosen a distance medal, you cannot change it later).

Information about the ‘De Alternatieve Vierdaagse’ app

The ‘De Alternatieve Vierdaagse’ app is available for all walking enthusiasts. The app can be used free of charge and will be available to download from the beginning of July (for iOS 13 and 14, and Android 5+). Note! An update will be released for users of the 2020 edition app. Make sure you install the update before you start the 2021 edition. Here you can find a step-by-step guide explaining how to use the app.  


Local health authority guidelines

We have organised this initiative to help keep everyone fit and active and hope that it will attract large numbers of walkers. However, please do observe local health authority guidelines when walking. That way we will all stay fit and healthy. So do not walk in excessively large groups, and please make sure you adhere to the guidelines that apply in July 2021. When participating in The Alternative Four Days Marches 2021, participants are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations.

If you have any questions check out our frequently asked questions. Can't find the answer? Contact us.

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