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Rules and Regulations for Participants

The Alternative Four Days Marches event is organised under the auspices of Stichting DE 4DAAGSE and the Royal Dutch Walking Association KWBN, in collaboration with sports marketing agency House of Sports. Participants use the ‘De Alternatieve Vierdaagse’ app to take part in the Alternative Four Days Marches event.

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1. Registration
1.1 Registration for the Alternative Four Days Marches is free of charge and only possible on the website:
1.2 After registering, participants will receive an email containing information on how to download the ‘De Alternatieve Vierdaagse’ app in order to take part in the Alternative Four Days Marches.

2. Acceptance of the Rules and Regulations for Participants
2.1 By confirming registration, and therefore confirming participation, the walker agrees to the provisions set out in these terms and conditions for participation.

3. Definition of walking
3.1 Walking is defined as moving forwards with at least one foot in contact with the ground at all times, alternately transferring the body weight from the left leg to the right leg. Running, jogging or sprinting are therefore not considered to be forms of walking.

4. Participation
4.1 The Alternative Four Days Marches will take place from 20 to 23 July 2021 inclusive.
4.2 Anybody who is interested in doing so can participate in the Alternative Four Days Marches.
4.3 The Alternative Four Days Marches is an achievement-based, non-competitive walking event.
4.4 Participation is voluntary and entirely at the walkers’ own risk.
4.5 Participants must make adequate (precautionary) preparations for the Alternative Four Days Marches by ensuring that they are physically fit, have trained adequately, have the right nutrition & drinks, footwear and clothing available, have any necessary medication available and use it as required.
4.6 If they have any doubts about their health/physical condition, they should see a general practitioner or medical specialist beforehand.
4.7 The ‘De Alternatieve Vierdaagse’ app requires iOS 13 or 14 and Android 5+.
4.8 Medals, packages or merchandise that have been ordered cannot be returned or exchanged and no refunds will be given.

5. Participation with the use of tools/aids
5.1 Contrary to the provisions of Article 3.1, people who are confined to a wheelchair are considered to be participants.
5.2 Participation with tools/aids: walking as a sport includes various walking techniques, for which tools/aids are required in some cases. For example, GPS devices and poles/walking sticks (Nordic walking). Participants may use these items provided they do not cause nuisance to others.

6. Start & finish
6.1 Each walker must have registered and enrolled individually for the Alternative Four Days Marches.
6.2 There is no charge for participating in the Alternative Four Days Marches and downloading and using the ‘De Alternatieve Vierdaagse’ app.
6.3 After registration, participants will receive further information on where and when to download the ‘De Alternatieve Vierdaagse’ app and how to create a free account. Users can then decide how they wish to participate in the Alternative Four Days Marches.
6.4 Participants in the Alternative Four Days Marches on 20 July can choose between the following distances: 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 kilometres. The app records the total distance walked in kilometres. After four consecutive days of walking the distance entered, the user will receive a digital badge in the ‘De Alternatieve Vierdaagse’ app as proof of successful participation. Participants are responsible for ensuring their mobile phone is properly functioning and has a fully charged battery.
6.5 The four walks must be completed within the four-day period from 20 July to 23 July 2021, with no more than one walk per day.
6.6 Passing (overtaking) fellow road users is only permitted if this does not cause nuisance or endanger the participant and/or other road users, subject furthermore to due observance of what is prescribed by and enforced in legislation or regulations (including the guidelines issued by the local health authorities, the national government and/or local government authorities).
6.7 The organisers request that participants dispose of waste in the appropriate waste containers and, in their absence, to carry waste with them until it can be disposed of properly. Please therefore keep the neighbourhood and (walking) environment clean.
6.8 Churches, cemeteries, war memorials, funeral processions and the like must be passed in an appropriate manner (no singing, no noise, no cursing/swearing and any flags/banners must be lowered).
6.9 Participants may not express their adherence to a particular political movement by carrying flags or banners with them, or wearing the associated items of clothing, etc.
6.10 Participants may not carry flags/banners with them that display offensive texts or images (e.g. a depiction of a skull).
6.11 You must show respect for the other participants, road users and other interested parties by acting in an appropriate manner.
6.12 No local facilities such as the services of first aid associations or resting places will be made available during the walk. Remember to bring enough water and food and possibly a (small) home medicine box.
6.13 Each individual determines where he or she starts. The distance walked for registration of your participation in the Alternative Four Days Marches can only be recorded if you have enabled the location setting in your mobile phone.
6.14 In emergencies, please call the national emergency number (112 in the Netherlands).  

7. How walkers should position themselves on the road
7.1 Participants are expected to walk the Alternative Four Days Marches as safely as possible. Footpaths or cycle paths, if present, should be used wherever possible. If there is no footpath or cycle path, walkers should generally keep to the left-hand side of the road unless indicated otherwise by traffic signs.

8. Liability & safety
8.1 Participation is voluntary and entirely at the walkers’ own risk. With the exception of their legal liability and responsibility, Stichting DE 4DAAGSE, the Royal Dutch Walking Association KWBN and House of Sports are not responsible or liable, financially or otherwise, in any way whatsoever for any accidents and/or illness suffered by the participants, nor for the loss of or damage to property or any other disadvantage suffered by the participant. Participants are personally liable for any damage they cause to the property of third parties.
8.2 Participants must comply with traffic regulations and follow the route of their own choosing. Any instructions given by traffic controllers, police officers, supervisors and emergency services (if present) must be followed.
8.3 The organisation can stop the Alternative Four Days Marches (or part of the event) if safety is threatened or if the government imposes a ban on organising the Alternative Four Days Marches.
8.4 The organisation reserves the right to set registration limits for the Alternative Four Days Marches. 

9. COVID-19 guidelines
9.1 In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, each participant must comply with what is prescribed by or enforced in legislation and regulations (including guidelines issued by the local health authorities, the national government and/or local government authorities), as in effect during the period from 20 to 23 July 2021. The organisation accepts no liability if participants do not comply with these requirements and guidelines.

10. Privacy and social media
10.1 You are required to provide personal information when registering. The parties involved will naturally respect the privacy of the participants. Please refer to for details of the applicable privacy statement and rules and regulations, which include the requirement to process personal data in accordance with the prevailing legislation. When you register for the Alternative Four Days Marches and request an account for the ‘De Alternatieve Vierdaagse’ app, you will be asked to agree to the applicable privacy regulations.
10.2 You are permitted to share your walks on social media during the Alternative Four Days Marches. However, the organisation does request that you respect other participants’ privacy. By registering, participants also agree in principle to the possible use by the Alternative Four Days Marches of their image in print, in the form of a photograph, film or video etc., for promotional or informative purposes in the interest of the Alternative Four Days Marches, without being entitled to demand payment. Use of the aforementioned material is governed by the 'Privacy Regulations'.

11. Final provision
11.1 Any cases not provided for by these rules and regulations shall be decided jointly by the boards of Stichting DE 4DAAGSE and the Royal Dutch Walking Association KWBN. In such cases, please email us at Any disputes that arise will be governed by Dutch law. 

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